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A simple product shot of the Steadify monopod lying on a white background.Ein Mann in einer roten Jacke steht auf einem Berg und hält seine Kamera in der Hand. Sie wird gestützt von dem Steadify, anstatt mit einem normalen MonopodA product shot of the Steadify monopod lying on a wooden floor.
A man is standing in the green, photographing with a camera on a Steadify. The Monopod fot the hipA simple product shot of the Steadify monopod lying on a white background.A product shot of the packaging of the Steadify.

The alternative to the tripod


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Steadify Highlights

Universal support fork for cameras, lenses, binoculars, small spotting scopes
Stability from the hip for maximum mobility
Ready to go in under two seconds


  • Materials: leather, aluminum, nylon, rubber
  • Weight: 600 gram
  • Load capacity: max. 15 kg
  • Color: black


  • Flat base plate made of black leather with flexible inner parts for optimal wearing comfort, with LOXX security button for leather slip-on pocket.
  • Nylon belt adjustable with snap lock, length 125 cm.
  • Connection baseplate-monopod with lockable ball head.
  • Monopod, several elements continuously extendable from 23-65 cm.
  • Magnet inside the monopod, holds the retracted elements for spontaneous activation.
  • 1/4" tripod thread for either universal support fork or ballhead with quick-release lock.
  • Universal support fork with rubberized bipod support for cameras, lenses, binoculars, small spotting scopes


Accessories & Bundle

Pocket Clip

The Pocket Clip can be attached to the Steadify to carry batteries and memory cards.
Leather slip-on pocket with zipper and patented LOXX anchoring on the baseplate, for memory cards, spare battery, etc.

29,00 €

incl. VAT, plus shipping

Quick-Release Ball Head

The ball head. It's an add-on for the Steadify monopod.
Ballhead with ARCA quick coupling, for additional stability, connects Steadify with electronic gimbal for superior video shooting, also needed for spotting scopes. Thread 1/4", load capacity up to 5 kg.

69,00 €

incl. VAT, plus shipping

Universal Support Fork

The fork of the Steadify
Spare part for reorder. Designed to hold cameras, lenses, binoculars, and small scopes.

18,00 €

incl. VAT, plus shipping
Save 25%

Steadify Bundle

Offer includes: Steadify, Universal Support Fork, Pocket Clip, Quick-Release Ballhead

239,00 €

199,00 €

incl. VAT. free Shipping!
A product shot of the whole Steadify bundle, including the Steadify,  the ball head and the pocket clip.

"The Steadify in practice: ready to hand in no time at all"

Even the best image stabilizer does not make a lens lighter. But a "real" tripod is not always a suitable option either. A monopod is more flexible, and the Steadify - a strap-on monopod - is even more flexible. It's ready to hand and is designed to provide stability for both photo and video shoots. The weight of 550 grams is less than a solid classic monopod and is therefore hardly noticeable even on longer hiking tours. You remain just as mobile as you would be without a tripod, can change locations quickly, or stand relaxed with the camera at the ready, wait to see what happens, and then react quickly. For wildlife photographers who like to stalk with a long telephoto zoom, for example, it is an interesting alternative to other tripod solutions. 

"The Steadify tripod can be described as an unusual but clever product"

It allows shooting with significantly less shake and longer exposure times without having to rely on a classic monopod. Especially for longer assignments, the Steadify tripod is a significant relief for the hands and arms. As a further advantage, the use of the Steadify tripod is not only limited to cameras, the universal fork allows you to stabilize other objects as well. However, if you need to maintain a certain camera position for a very long time and still want to avoid using a classic (monopod), you should take a look at the Steadify tripod with a stabilized camera system. We rate the price as acceptable in view of the unique construction.

"Thanks to its well thought-out handling, it ensures more stable images without much effort"

Even if it is an adjustment at first to shoot from the hip, so to speak, for anyone taking photos or videos, the use of Steadify is a valuable support for all those who shoot in nature or on assignments with quickly changing scenarios. Thanks to its well thought-out handling, it ensures more stable images without much effort. Anyone who wants to work professionally and attaches importance to low effort should take a look at the product developed in Germany. It is an interesting tripod alternative for those who need to travel light.

Since the weight is not on the arms, but distributed through the belt in the middle of the body, there is no quick fatigue. At last, there is time for animal observations. At the same time, the product conserves the photographer's strength, giving him better opportunities to hunt for exciting subjects. This also benefits filmmakers, whose equipment is often even heavier and includes additional devices such as a gimbal. Well-balanced, smooth pans are even more successful with the help of the Steadify monopod. 

"Capture the unique moment"

On journeys, in the wilderness or on ships - spontaneous agility and quick reactions are often required to capture the decisive moment in a picture. On his Arctic voyage, Joaquin Bianc was able to use Steadify to pan quickly from port to starboard on a swaying ship's deck and capture the unique moment. During the nearly two-week voyage, he took several spontaneous photos with his 300mm lens that he could only dream of before.

"A new monopod solution for filmmakers!"

A new monopod solution for filmmakers: in the fields of reportage, sports, travel and events, mobility is important for every cameraman. Steadify follows the concept of reduced effort. The innovation is lightweight, compact and fast to handle and versatile.

"The system is simple, compact and uncomplicated to use"

Steadify is aimed at professionals and ambitious amateur photographers andfilmmakers who use larger cameras and also use a tripod or monopod.However, both are comparatively heavy and unwieldy. Steadify was developedfrom the practical experience of experienced film and photographyprofessionals. The system is simple, compact and uncomplicated to use andallows shake-free shots even in low light conditions.

"With Steadify, you're fast and light on your feet"

Even the largest lens becomes almost weightless.

"That's exactly what the Steadify concept of reduced effort fits"

A tripod is not suitable for the untethered camera and for shooting in difficult conditions. Here, simple monopods, shoulder tripods and gimbals offer the filmmaker more options. For some time now, another technology has been on the market that opens up new perspectives: Steadify, the monopod from the hip, developed by renowned photographer and cameraman Gert Wagner.

Since photo cameras can also record high-quality videos, the video sector has also opened up for many photographers and offers an affordable solution for some cameramen. Optimal image resolution up to 4K, slow motion and fast motion, image stabilization, reliable focusing, brilliant foldout displays, good sound quality - with these features the need for some accessories shrinks. That's exactly what the Steadify concept of reduced effort fits.

"The Steadify does what it is supposed to do"

It relieves the arms and shoulders while shooting and helps to keep the camera as steady as possible. For difficult terrain it is certainly an interesting alternative, especially in conjunction with stabilized lenses/cameras, or alternatively as a base for a gimbal. This also perfects the usability for video recording!
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A woman is standing in the mudflats. You can see the horizon and the sun. She has the Steadify around her waist and is taking pictures.

Steadify stabilizes cameras.

Now you can save yourself the hassle of a tripod. STEADIFY makes photography and filming easier. Its technology was born from the experience of our photo and video productions around the world, often in adventurous conditions. That's why it is absolutely practical and matured. The effect: your luggage becomes lighter, every action faster, the freedom of movement limitless, the camera almost weightless.

A man in a red jacket stands on a mountain holding his camera. It is supported by the Steadify, instead of using a normal monopod

STEADIFY is a handy, small body support and combines total mobility with solid stability. This makes the difference to the cumbersome, heavy tripod that stands on the ground.

Steadify is ideal for events, festivals, in sports, on boats, in confined spaces, in nature, and in difficult terrain. The tripod can't compete, it's designed more for long exposures and still subjects.

Even a normal monopod is not quite as stable and mobile as the STEADIFY technique from the hip.

Steadify brings more lightness to photography.

The face of a young woman. She has a camera in her hand, which is carried by the Steadify monopod

Steadify enables smooth video.

Enjoy confident and stable camera movements under any conditions. Smooth vertical and horizontal pans are no problem. Combined with an electronic gimbal, this and the camera become almost weightless. This guarantees vivid action scenes at the highest level - even the shots are breathtaking.

A man stands still with his bicycle. He has a Steadify monopod around his waist and a camera in his hands.

You hardly feel it. Activated with one hand, everything happens in a flash: release the lock, extend the monopod to any height, lock it with a quick twist, and place the lens in the support fork. Immediately, the stability of the camera is conveyed, while its weight is almost completely compensated for by the flexible baseplate on the belt - a great, safe feeling.

With full freedom of movement, you can immediately perceive every surprising turn of events, or lurk as long as you like for the best moment.

Steadify is worn on the hip.