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A woman appears to be running while carrying a camera with a large camera lens. The camera is supported by a Steadify


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Free yourself from the clunky tripod - Steadify is the lightweight and flexible tool that makes photography a new experience.
Working with Steadify
Steadify was seen on a German television show called "Die Högle der Löwen"
Steadify was already  part of a Kickstarter campaign


The perfect balance of freedom & stability

With the stability from the hip you succeed in photos and videos of impressive quality - in every situation.

Never miss a

Never miss a
chance again

Quick scene change? Steadify is ready to go in under two seconds - with just one hand.



Make your life easier

Steadify is light on your pack, light on your body and easy to handle.

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An acrobat appears to floating in the air. She shows how agile you can be while caring a Steadify | The Monopod for your hip

life easier

Discover Steadify

Experience becomes technology

The idea for Steadify came from real-world challenges.

Steadify is worn close to the body and stabilizes from the hip. This means: total freedom of movement for photographers, filmmakers, nature watchers.

Steadify completely compensates for the weight of cameras, gimbals, and binoculars, offering the luxury of endless standby without any effort.

Suitable for any device

Steadify stabilizes everything: cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, etc.

Maximum stability

Steadify forms a stable triangle with the body, therefore it is clearly superior to a normal monopod

Unmatched flexibility

When changing position spontaneously, Steadify is as agile as you are

No fatigue

Steadify absorbs any weight. The arms remain constantly relieved

The dormant pole

Steadify stabilizes from the hip, the most resting point of the body

Works everywhere

Sand, mud, rocks, boat, plane, bike, concert, party, and in the tightest spaces: Steadify works where tripods fail.

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Comments from our customers

Ich mag es nicht mehr missen. Auf meiner Brasilien Reise in die Pantanal Region hatte ich Steadify dabei. So konnte ich diesen Jaguar sicher von einem kleinen Boot aus fotografieren.

Jerry Cudworth, USA

Mit Steadify bin ich schneller an meinem Motiv. Ich muss kein Stativ oder Monopod durchs Gelände schleppen und bin mit Steadify trotzdem immer bereit. So gelang mir das Foto des seltenen australischen Black-Shouldered-Kite genau beim Abflug…

Stephen Thomson, Australien

Ein erstaunliches Produkt. Auf meiner letzten Antarktisreise gelang es mir, auf einem instabilen Schiffsdeck stehend, mit meinem 300-mm-Objektiv spontane Fotos vom Schiff aus zu machen, was mir ohne Steadify nicht möglich gewesen wäre.

Joaquin de Arquer Bianc, Spanien

Gert and Tobias Wagner standing outside on a hill and smiling into the camera. The creators of Steadify

The Founders of
Swift Design

We are Gert & Tobias Wagner, father-son team, photographers and filmmakers with productions on all continents - often under extreme conditions. This resulted in the Steadify concept for a simple, robust system with clear advantages over the traditional tripod, especially under difficult circumstances.

Gert brings his whole range of experience to our product developments: reportage for GEO, Stern, Sports, campaigns for Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, Marlboro, book author of "Profession: Photographer". He is also the inventor of flexible autofocus, now standard in every camera.

A simple idea with a big impact, just like Steadify. The goal of his innovations: Make everything easier.

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